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Important Notice | COVID-19

In light of the recent measures being taken by the City of Saskatoon and the School Divisions to ensure the spread of the Covid-19 virus is minimized as much as possible, all Community Association programs are postponed, including registration for spring programs. For updates on program information please contact your Community Association directly.


Online registration:         N/A

In-person registration:   TBA

Annual membership:       No membership fee is required

Sport registration:          Please visit each Zone site for sport specific Spring/Summer programming.
                                          Soccer (SUSC), Softball (Phantoms), Baseball (Saskatoon A’s)

Cost as a Barrier:          In an effort to ensure everyone who wants to participate in a program can, cost as a barrier assistance and/or KidSport applications are available. Please contact the community association directly. All inquiries are kept confidential.

Outdoor Rink(s):            St. Marguerite School, 1235 McCormack Road

Special Events:               N/A

Volunteers needed:       Parkridge Community Association is in urgent need of volunteers to sustain organizational operations. We are looking for volunteers in a variety of capacities.  If you are passionate about your community, please consider volunteering today; even small contributions can make a big difference.

For Fall 2020 program details, check back mid-August. 

Community Association Programs

No events are currently available for this community.