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Holiday Park

While our program information is not listed here, the HPCA is planning a variety of programs for people to enjoy this winter. In person program sign-up will be held on Monday January 9th at St. Johns School from 6:30 to 8:00 pm or sign-up is on the first class of each program. No membership fee is required. Programs may change so please consult the community association newsletter. In an effort to ensure everyone who wants to participate in a program can, cost-as-a-barrier assistance and/or KidSport applications are available for those facing financial hardships. To inquire/apply, please contact Charlotte McIntosh by email or ask a volunteer at registration night. All inquiries are kept confidential.
A volunteer Ad coordinator and a volunteer website coordinator are needed

Community Association Programs

Please visit our Community Association website for further program details.

Additional Information

Please visit our Community Association website for further information.