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Park Development

Aerial Image of Park Development

The City is committed to maintaining the vitality of its parks and natural areas.  This involves planning and designing parks for new neighbourhoods, as well as refurbishing parks in established areas.

Parks Currently Under Construction

The following parks are currently undergoing construction or upgrades:

AS Wright Park

Upgrades to A.S. Wright Park will begin in fall 2021 and are expected to overlap into spring 2022. During the construction period, access to areas of the park will be restricted.

Upgrades to the park include:

  • Sports Fields
  • Planting
  • Grading/Drainage
  • Irrigation
  • Pathways
  • Site Furniture

Project Lead:
Contractor: Wilco Contractors

For more details on AS Wright Park

Rosewood Secondary Core Park

The City of Saskatoon is developing a Secondary Core Park in the Rosewood Neighbourhood

For more details on Rosewood Secondary Century Park

Lions Century Park

The City of Saskatoon is developing Lions Century Park in the Kensington Neighbourhood

For more details on Lions Century Park 

WW Ashley Park

The City of Saskatoon is redeveloping WW Ashley Park in the Haultain Neighbourhood

For more details on WW Ashley Park 

Parc Canada Upgrade

Plans for park include:

  • Pathways Upgrade
  • Irrigation Upgrade
  • Drainage Remediation
  • North Playground Edge Upgrade

For more details on

Parc Canada Upgrade perspective

Parc Canada Upgrade community mail out


Chief Whitecap Park - Meewasin Valley Authority

Plans for park include:

  • Trail enhancement
  • Parking lot expansion

For more details on Chief Whitecap Park - Meewasin Valley Authority and frequently asked questions.

Park Upgrades:

Anna McIntosh


Irrigation Construction:

Meewasin Park

Massey Park

Future Park Developments

The following are concept plans for new park developments or park refurbishments scheduled for construction over the next few years:

Pierre Radisson Park Redevelopment

This proposed redevelopment plan for Pierre Radisson Park is currently an unfunded project.


The Hudson Bay Area Parks Master Plan (Master Plan) was completed and approved by City Council in 1989, since then, Community Local Area Plans were completed in 2011. Based on the Master Plan and Local Area Plans, a number of recommendations emerged that included the following: 

  • Redevelop Pierre Radisson Park;
  • Develop a well-lit pathway system connecting the parks, communities, and park amenities;
  • Establish historical elements throughout the parks that educate and enhance the overall park experience;
  • Improve safety throughout the parks during the day and night; and
  • Improve traffic safety along the intersecting corridors.

The following is a list of alterations within Pierre Radisson Park that are targeted as part of the redevelopment

Developing a well-lit pathway

This component is projected to increase natural surveillance on the park, limiting illegitimate use while connecting the communities surrounding the park. Currently, the only pathway crosses at 31st Street. Creating a north-south corridor that moves citizens through the park network, and exiting at appropriate intersection to safely cross is an important consideration to traffic safety. 

The plan also includes extending the sidewalk along Faulkner to reach 33rd Street. This will complete the north-south pathway corridor from 29th Street to 33rd Street without having to leave the park.

Historical/Educational Node

Objective is to create a historical/educational node based on Pierre Radisson, a French Explorer from the 1600's. The node is targeted to be placed near the midpoint of the park as pathways intersect to create a hub within the park.

Parking Lots 

A parking lot is planned for the north end of the park (nearest 33rd Street). This will be an 18-stall lot for use by dog park patrons to lessen the impact of on-street parking in the neighbourhood.

A second parking lot is planned for the south end of the park (nearest 29th Street). This will be a 38-stall lot for use by cricket patrons to lessen the impact of on-street parking in the neighbourhood.

Adjustments to Pierre Radisson Dog Park

The Pierre Radisson Dog Park perimeter fence will be adjusted on the north, south, and west sides to accommodate the new pathway network as well as the parking lot for the dog park. The size of the dog park will remain roughly the same (2.99 acres); however, it will be re-shaped to provide connectivity through the park. 

How can I provide comments on the upgrade plan?

Comments and feedback can be submitted via phone or email to:

Mark Campbell
Open Space Consultant


Recreation Amenity Buildings Project 

In 2019, City Council approved funding for additional recreation amenities in Evergreen (Funk Park); Hampton Village (Al Anderson Park); Rosewood (Glen Penner Park); Stonebridge (Alexander MacGillivray Young Park); and Willowgrove (Wallace Park) neighbourhoods.  This funding includes rink utility connections for Evergreen, Rosewood and Stonebridge community rinks. Depending on the site, additional support amenities could include some combination of washrooms, shade structures, storage and warm-up spaces.

Funding for these items were established through a Community Centre Levy first implemented in 2003 for Hampton Village and Willowgrove neighbourhoods; and subsequently implemented for Evergreen, Rosewood and Stonebridge neighbourhoods. This levy was adopted by City Council in 2002, and was agreed upon by local developers that the Community Centre Levy was the best approach to ensure the development of a community hub, given there was no guarantee for elementary schools to be built. These funds were to be collected within each applicable neighbourhood based on a rate established per front meter of development within the neighbourhood. 

These developments follow the goals of the Recreation & Parks Master Plan as well as the WintercityYXE Strategy by providing amenities that  support year-round program opportunities.

For more information contact:

Mark Campbell
Open Space Consultant

Hampton Village (Al Anderson Park - East)
  • Program/warm up space
  • Accessible washrooms
  • Community storage area (replace existing storage shed)
  • City mechanical area
  • Pathway connection to building

Hampton Village (Al Anderson Park - West)
  • Program/warm up space
  • Accessible Washrooms
  • City mechanical area
  • Pathway connection to building

Rosewood (Glen Penner Park)
  • Program/warm up space
  • Accessible Washrooms
  • Community storage area (including water connection for future outdoor rink)
  • City mechanical area
  • Pathway connection to building