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Long Range Planning - Sector Plans

Sector Plans provide a broad framework for future urban development and include the location and size of future neighbourhoods, employment areas, parks, and significant natural areas. City services are planned, new neighbourhood concept plans are developed, land use designations and rezoning applications are evaluated, and amendments to the City boundary are based on the framework provided by Sector Plans.

Saskatoon is divided into Sectors, with one Industrial Growth Area outside the Core.  Each Sector has combined neighbourhoods creating quadrants of approximately 70,000 people. In order to manage growth efficiently, a Sector Plan study is completed to create the overlying vision for each Sector.

Sector Plans have three main purposes:

  • to enhance the City of Saskatoon's vision in the Official Community Plan to develop a Sector;

  • to establish a layout for the preparation of future Concept Plans to ensure growth proceeds in a balanced, compact, contiguous manner; and

  • to identify key land uses and servicing components that will need to be addressed in detail during the Concept Plan process.

Sector Plans provide a broad framework for future urban development and include the location and size of future neighbourhoods, employment areas, parks, and significant natural areas.

Sector Plans are preliminary planning studies and are future oriented. No specific timeframe for development is applied to Sector Plans.

University Sector Plan

The University of Saskatchewan has nearly 1,000 acres of endowment land located within five kilometers of downtown Saskatoon. These important lands provide critical resources that strategically support the university’s teaching, learning and research mission.

In 2008 a land-use task force was formed, bringing together the University of Saskatchewan, the City of Saskatoon, Meewasin Valley Authority and the Province of Saskatchewan, to create ‘Vision 2057.’‘Vision 2057’, in alignment with the City of Saskatoon’s growth plan and strategic infill initiatives, identifies university endowment lands that are suitable for commercial and residential development opportunities, along with the creation of multi-use community facilities, parks and open spaces, and also preserves abundant space for learning and research activities.

Recognizing the importance of developing these lands in a sustainable way that benefits everyone in Saskatoon, the City and University recently entered a Memorandum of Understanding to develop a University Sector Plan for the area. Developing the Plan involved consultation with community partners and stakeholders, and it provides the framework within which the area will be planned and developed.

The result of this partnership and outreach, the University Sector Plan, is a shared vision of land use and development that will have a  positive impact for the city, its residents and the University community.

University Sector Plan

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Riel Industrial Sector Plan

The Riel Industrial Sector Plan is Saskatoon’s newest Sector.  The Riel Industrial Sector study area is north of 71st Street and Highway 16 North, east and south of Perimeter Highway, south of Highway 11 North, and east of the South Saskatchewan River. Its study area includes 19.8 square kilometers or 4,903 acres of land. 

The overall objective of the Riel Industrial Sector vision is to facilitate economic development opportunities by expanding the City’s north employment area. The industrial area will generate employment opportunities, accommodate a wide range of industrial development, and provide goods and services not only for the City, but to the surrounding region. The Riel Industrial Sector will promote transportation options including walking, cycling and transit for employees, while still accommodating rail, the automobile, the airport, and trucking industries for the movement of goods and services.  Developments in this Sector will be comprehensively designed while incorporating a conservation theme of preserving and integrating existing natural features. This will all be done with the City’s broader responsibility of providing opportunities for growth in an efficient, economical and sustainable manner in mind.

The Riel Industrial Sector Plan was approved by Saskatoon City Council on November 23rd, 2015 under the North Sector name.  City Council approved the name change from North Sector to Riel Industrial Sector in February 2016.  

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University Heights Sector Plan

The University Heights Sector is located in the northeast area of Saskatoon. It is bounded by the University of Saskatchewan Kernen Farm to the east, by the South Saskatchewan River on the west, and by the Perimeter Highway on the northeast.

The University Heights Sector includes a mix of residential neighbourhoods, a suburban centre, an employment area, University lands, the Northeast Swale, as well as two currently neighbourhood's under development (Evergreen and Aspen Ridge), as well as one additional future residential neighbourhood, two district commercial sites, and an additional employment area. 

The University Heights Sector Plan was approved by Saskatoon City Council on October 7th, 2013.

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 University Heights Sector Plan Report - A full colour report can be purchased from Planning and Development on the 3rd Floor of City Hall.

Holmwood Sector Plan

The Holmwood Sector study area includes the lands that make up the Holmwood Suburban Development Area plus additional lands east of the City limits (within the RM of Corman Park) adjacent to the Perimeter Highway alignment. The Holmwood Sector is located east of Rosewood, Briarwood, College Park East, Arbor Creek, Willowgrove, Evergreen, and the Canadian Pacific Railway's Right of Way; south of Agra (Fleury) Road; west and north of the Perimeter Highway.

The Holmwood Sector has land sufficient for five neighbourhood development areas, a suburban centre, business park, two regional commercial sites and a suburban centre commercial site. It is estimated 70,000 people could live in this Sector at full build-out. One neighbourhood, Brighton, is currently under development in the Holmwood Sector.

The Holmwood Sector Plan was approved by Saskatoon City Council on April 16, 2012.

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Blairmore Sector Plan

Initial work has begun on a project to amend the Blairmore Sector Plan.  The amendment proposes that the Sector Plan boundaries be adjusted to align with the City boundary and add the southwest area to the Sector.  The amendment will include a study of appropriate uses and management strategies for the future use of the natural areas within the Sector.  The amendment will also include a review and potential updates to land uses within the Sector in alignment with the City's guiding policies and plans, respond to market changes and other factors, and ensure that land uses adjacent to existing neighbourhoods are compatible and buffered appropriately.

In January, 2005, the City of Saskatoon boundary was altered to include an additional 2,078 ha (5,134 ac) on the west edge of the city to accommodate the growth of the Blairmore Suburban Development Area. The Blairmore Suburban Development Area currently has land sufficient for eight neighbourhoods, a suburban centre, and a district commercial centre.  The Blairmore Sector could have approximately 70,000 people within its boundaries at full build-out. The Blairmore Sector is located east of the Perimeter Highway alignment; north of the Canadian Pacific Railway rail line; west of Hampton Village, Dundonald, Confederation Park, Pacific Heights, and Parkridge neighbourhoods; and south of Beam Road (RM of Corman Park road).

The original Blairmore Sector Plan (formerly West Sector Plan) was approved by Saskatoon City Council on November 29, 2004. Since that time development potential of portions of the area have changed, as have some of the strategies for servicing the area; therefore, a Sector Plan amendment was approved on March 7, 2011.

Other projects in the Blairmore area include the Kensington neighbourhood.  Kensington's Neighbourhood Concept Plan was approved by Saskatoon City Council on April 16, 2012. 

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