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Banner Program

Installing banners on street light poles helps to promote local events and to provide a sense of arrival into Saskatoon's districts and neighbourhoods. When placed along retail corridors, banners also enhance the pedestrian experience by creating a more festive and vibrant atmosphere.

The City accepts requests from outsides agencies to install banners along city streets. The Banner Policy & Guidelines provides the framework for this initiative, see related documents.

To apply to the program, please review the related documents and submit the application form below at least 6 weeks before your event or preferred installation date.  Please note that the City only coordinates banner installations on light poles operated by Saskatoon Light and Power; other poles, most often outside of Circle Drive, are operated by SaskPower and are therefore beyond the scope of this program.  


Online Form: Submit a Banner Application

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Choose your preferred type of banner

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Please specify the number of banners requested per selected location, including any other relevant information (e.g. 6 banners on the west side of 2nd Ave. between 19th and 20th St).


Banner Details

Please refer to the related documents for required banner specifications (including size and material) prior to having your banners manufactured. The City of Saskatoon will only approve banners that meet these specifications. For more information use the  contact us.

You may attach a file up to 5MB to this form. Please bear in mind that high resolution print posters could well exceed this limit and will NOT upload.
Describe the sponsorship portion of the banner
Please note that the City of Saskatoon must approve all graphic design(s) before an application can be approved

The personal information required in this form is collected under the authority of Section 24 of The Local Authority Freedom of Information of privacy Act . Any personal information collected by the city will be managed in accordance with the City's Privacy Policy