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Transportation Choices

  Status: Needs improvement

Transportation impacts the environment, with vehicles generating more GHG emissions and requiring more land for road infrastructure than public transportation, cycling and walking.

Where are we now?

The percentage of residents using cycling, walking or transit to get to work has been relatively stable since 2001, and needs improvement to meet the 2023 target adopted by City Council.

Data table
Transportation Choices
  1996 2001 2006 2011 2013 2016 2023
Statistics Canada 14.40 12.40 12.30 11.50   13.4  
Household Travel Survey         16.00    
Target             20

Source: Statistics Canada and Household Travel Survey

What are we doing?

Five-Year Transit Plan

The City has a new transit plan that will improve customer service, move towards Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), and develop a Control Centre to monitor the entire system and instantly reroute around traffic congestion and detours.

Protected Bike Lane Demonstration Project

Two protected bike lanes are now installed on 23rd Street East and 4th Avenue in Saskatoon's downtown. Lanes are physically separated from vehicles and pedestrians by parked vehicles, a painted buffer and flexible posts. For more on the City's cycling plans, project and programs please visit

Sidewalk Inventory

The City of Saskatoon completed a sidewalk inventory in 2015 which will prioritize the repair and replacement of sidewalks throughout the entire city, improving pedestrian safety. For more info relating to walking - including walking routes and maps, as well as pedestrian-related projects - please visit

Active Transportation Plan

The City approved the Active Transportation Plan (ATP) in 2016, as part of the Growth Plan to Half a Million. The ATP will help provide more choices for moving around Saskatoon by addressing community infrastructure needs for cycling, walking and other modes of active transportation. The targets set through the ATP expand on the City's initial targets, by doubling the proportion of cycling, walking and transit users to 32% of all daily trips by 2045 (8% cycling, 16% walking and 8% transit).

What can you do?

Visit Saskatoon Transit’s route plannerto find the best way to get you to work or school.

Find bicycle routes and safety tips using the Saskatoon cycling guide.

Find out if your workplace has a ride share program to promote carpooling and if not consider starting a simple one with a message board or map.

Did You Know?

You can reduce your GHGs by approximately 470kg CO2e if you take public transit rather than driving to work, plus you will save on car expenses like fuel, maintenance and parking.