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City of Saskatoon Waste Production

    Status: Needs improvement 

The City of Saskatoon sends thousands of tonnes of waste to the landfill each year.  This is waste generated in the City's administrative buildings, leisure centres, maintenance shops, and other facilities.  

Where we are now?

The amount of waste generated by City operations varies year to year, and totaled just under 4,500 tonnes in 2020.

Data table
City of Saskatoon Waste Generation
  2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020

 City waste generation (tonnes, excl. clean fill)

8228 9417 5756 7647 5767 4399 6112 4974 6724 6873 7944 6573 4369

Source: City of Saskatoon – Finance

What are we doing?

Leading by Example
The City will develop an action plan to establish itself as a waste reduction and diversion leader. The plan will likely include recycling and organics collection at all City facilities, policies to require public space and event waste diversion, and procurement policies that support waste reduction and diversion. 

Recycling in City offices
Most City of Saskatoon offices have implemented recycling programs and some have now implemented organics-collection programs.

What you can do

When visiting City facilities, do your part to reduce waste and to recycle. One thing you can do is to bring a reusable water bottle or mug.  

Share your ideas on the best ways to reduce waste and save energy and water as the City consults on its current and upcoming major projects.

Did you know?

The City is planning to build Recovery Park at the Saskatoon Landfill. Recovery Park will provide waste diversion opportunities for recyclables, hazardous waste, food and yard waste, and construction waste.