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Trucking Permits

The trucking program is governed by the  Traffic Bylaw 7200, which outlines regulations and required routes for long haul and pick-up/delivery trucks within city limits.  

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Saskatoon Truck Route Map

A Saskatoon Truck Route Map, detailing truck routes, structure clearances and other trucking program information is available at the Information Desk at City Hall, or by calling 306-975-2454.

Trucking Permits

Starting on January 1, 2016, the City of Saskatoon began charging an application fee for trucking and vehicle permits required for excess loads. 

The new fees will cover the costs associated with reviewing truck permit applications, which currently comes from the mill rate. The fee is not a guarantee of approval, but purely an application processing fee. This new payment system reflects a “user-pays principle”, common across many other Canadian cities for these types of permits. The fees are as follows:

  • Blanket annual vehicle permits = $50
  • Daily vehicle permits = $30

As per Bylaw No. 7200, trucks that are over 2.6 metres wide or 4.15 metres tall require an Excess Dimension Permit from the City of Saskatoon to travel within city limits. Non-divisible loads in excess of those outlined in Schedule No. 7 require an Excess Load Permit to travel within city limits.

  • An Excess Load Permit is required when a vehicle intends on traveling on city streets while weighing in excess of the maximum vehicle weights prescribed in Schedule No. 7. Excess Load Permits will not be issued for divisible loads. Refer to Section 4 of the Permit Policy.
  • An Excess Dimension Permit is required when a vehicle intends on traveling on city streets while exceeding the maximum vehicle dimensions prescribed in the Bylaw. Refer to Section 5 of the Permit Policy.
  • For unlicensed construction or farm equipment, refer to Section 3.5 of the Permit Policy


Online Form: Trucking Permit 

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A vehicle that exceeds the maximum vehicle weights or that exceeds the maximum vehicle dimensions prescribed in Bylaw 7200 and that wishes to travel off an established vehicle route, must obtain a Vehicle Routing Permit in addition to the appropriate Excess Load or Excess Dimension Permit.

Contact Information
Please supply the name of the individual applying for the permit.
Company Information
Name of the company that the applicant is hauling on behalf of. If power unit is privately owned, state applicant name or leave blank.