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Trucking Permits

Trucking permits are governed by Traffic Bylaw No. 7200, which outlines regulations regarding maximum dimension/weight restrictions for the road network throughout the City of Saskatoon. Routes are provided for long haul and pick-up/delivery trucks, within the City limits. 


Saskatoon Truck Route Map

A Saskatoon Truck Route Map, detailing pick-up/delivery routes, structure clearances and other trucking program information is available by stopping in at the City Hall Information Desk, or by calling 306-975-2454.

For the digital versions of our maps, please find the clickable links below:

Schedule No. 7 – Gross Weight Chart
Schedule No. 8 – Pick Up and Delivery Vehicle Route Map
Schedule No. 8a – Long Haul Vehicle Route Map
Truck Route – Structure Clearances Map
Council Policy C07-019 Traffic Bylaw Special Permits


Trucking Permit Fees

The following fees cover the costs associated with reviewing truck permit applications, which currently come from the current mill rate:

  • Blanket annual vehicle permits = $50*
  • Daily vehicle permits = $30

*Fleet lists are required for all Annual Permits with multiple units. When providing the Fleet list – please state the year, make, model, type (Tractor unit, skidsteer, loader, etc) & serial number or Plate number for each piece of equipment/vehicle (unlicensed and/or licensed)


Dimension and Weight limits

As per Traffic Bylaw No. 7200, any trucks and equipment that exceed the following dimensions, and wish to travel through the City of Saskatoon, require an Excess Dimension Permit from the City of Saskatoon prior to travel. Measurement restrictions provided are based on Maximum measurable surfaces, as laid out by SGI - HERE

  • Width:     2.60 meters or  8.53 feet
  • Height:   4.15 meters or 13.62 feet
  • Length:     25.0 meters or  82.0 feet

Vehicles with a gross vehicle weight in excess of 8,000kgs or 17,600lbs, will require a review of the individual axel weights(loads) and distribution of axel groupings – as per dimension and weight parameters outlined within Schedule No. 7

Over-Dimensioned vehicles and equipment 

Excess Dimension Permits are required to travel within city limits for Non-divisible loads - any load or vehicle that exceeds applicable weights and/or dimensional limits which cannot be divided into smaller loads or vehicles, without causing damage to the load

Excess Dimension Permits will not be issued for divisible loads. Please refer to Section 4 of the Traffic Bylaw Special Permits Policy

For any loads greater than 5.2 meters (17 feet) in height, please contact our office by emailing us at

For Unlicensed Construction and/or Farm equipment, please refer to Section 3.5 of the Traffic Bylaw Special Permits Policy

Over-Weight vehicles and equipment 

An Excess Load Permit is required when a vehicle or unlicensed piece of equipment exceeds maximum gross vehicle weights, as outlined in Schedule No. 7 of the Traffic Bylaw No. 7200.

For all excess weight loads - axel spreads, spacings and weights must be checked by our bridge engineers to determine the route required. Bridges throughout the City are limited on the individual load capacity that they can sustain. To avoid fines and/or damage to City infrastructure, apply for an excess load permit and have your load checked before proceeding with your intended move/delivery.