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City adopts new purchasing policy based on industry leading practices

For immediate release: October 26, 2018 - 4:10pm

City Council approved the adoption of a new purchasing policy at its October 22, 2018 meeting, the measure recommended by the Standing Policy Committee on Finance.

The new policy, which takes effect December 1, 2018, now reflects best practices for public procurement, and brings the City’s policy into compliance with trade treaty obligations. It draws on criteria from federal and provincial procurement rules and will use ‘best value’ rather than lowest price in the procurement of civic goods and services for the City.

A highlight of the new policy is that purchases made in accordance with an approved budget and within the authority of the policy provisions, will now be delegated to the Administration for the awarding of contracts and purchase orders rather than City Council.

With an ongoing commitment to continuous improvement and transparency, a procurement review was conducted over the past year, presenting the City with opportunities to:

  • identify any gaps in the procurement process;
  • document all current purchasing processes;
  • provide greater transparency for vendors;
  • give clear direction for City employees on common standards to be used consistently for the majority of purchases made by the City; and
  • provide consistency across the organization by developing new templates and contracts.

As part of the procurement review, engagement opportunities were provided to external and internal stakeholders through the City’s website and in-person meetings asking for their feedback and recommendations on the draft purchasing policy, new procurement manual, templates and standard contracts. An engagement workshop was also conducted to gather feedback on the expansion of the new policy for the future inclusion of social and Indigenous procurement best practices.

Administration will continue to monitor and make amendments to various protocols as required, including at the request of City Council, adding new engagement opportunities to support the future inclusion of environmental best practices for procurement at the City.

The City’s new procurement policy will ensure equal access to all qualified suppliers.

Visit for future engagement opportunities.