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City Council to consider neighbourhood snow removal plan

For immediate release: November 27, 2020 - 3:42pm

City Council will discuss an Administration report at its regular business meeting Monday, November 30, about removing large and obstructive snow piles and ridges from neighbourhood streets -- a plan which is scheduled to start next week. 

This is the largest response to a snow event in the City’s history,” says Terry Schmidt, General Manager of Transportation & Construction. “This massive accumulation of snow means it’s necessary for us to respond with a neighbourhood clean-up effort that is unprecedented. 

These efforts began with residential street clearing (making local roads drivable). This work took place as fast as possible, moving through 66 neighbourhoods in about one week. Snow removal will take more time.  This is for many reasons including: the use of more equipment, the time it takes to move between neighbourhoods and snow removal sites, and the large volumes of snow to be moved 

“Since neighbourhood snow removal is a more involved process, and something new for our city, it's difficult to predict how much time it will take to move through the neighbourhoods,” says Schmidt. “We should start to have an idea of the timeline as we move through the first neighbourhoods, and then will begin estimating the schedule and posting it online. 

Neighbourhood snow removal includes: 

  • the removal of snow ridges and piles on both sides of local roads along lot frontages and at intersections  
  • Adjacent to fire hydrants in areas where the windrows are not removed  
  • the removal of snow in the bulbs of cul-de-sacs 

Piles that were left by clearing which encroach on sidewalks will be cleared when the roadway snow is addressed.  

Snow ridges and piles on local roadways that are not impacting driveability – such as snow located on boulevards and medians, along vacant lots or open spaces, and along the side of lots – will remain in place.  

No Parking signs will be installed on those streets where crews are headed next. The goal will be to provide at least 24 hours’ notice. Residents are asked to move their vehicle off the street to provide space for equipment and so that crews can achieve the best result.  

The order in which crews visit neighbourhoods is being determined at random and then balanced by ward to ensure progress is taking place equally across the city. 

The schedule is also being aligned with the waste and recycling collections schedule.