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City Council Decisions in Brief

For immediate release: July 31, 2017 - 11:20am


City Council Decisions In Brief

From the July 26, 2017 Regular Meeting of City Council

9.7.1 Award of Contract - Bus Rapid and Conventional Transit Planning, Design, and Engineering Services Request for Proposals


*Council approved the award of contract to HDR Corporation for planning, design, and engineering services for a total contract amount of $3,052,726.44 (including taxes).


*Enhancements to the current transit system, and the implementation of the Bus Rapid Transit system, have been identified in the Growth Plan as a high priority moving forward. Effective September 15, 2016, several Growth Plan projects received approval for federal funding support through Phase 1 of the Infrastructure Fund. The combination of City and federal funding brings the total amount of the City’s eligible Infrastructure Fund projects dedicated to infrastructure design to $7.6 million.

9.7.2 Rotary Clubs’ Gazebo Project - Rotary Park  


*Council approved the request by five Rotary Clubs of Saskatoon to design, construct, and donate a gazebo for installation in Rotary Park, subject to administrative conditions.


*The Rotary Clubs submitted a letter of intent to the City on July 6, 2017, making the proposal as a way to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of Rotary Clubs in Saskatoon.

9.11.2 Provincial Disaster Assistance Program


*Council agreed to apply to the Ministry of Government Relations of the Province of Saskatchewan to be designated as an Eligible Assistance Area under the Provincial Disaster Assistance Program, as a result of excessive rain which occurred on July 10, 2017.


* It is the Administration’s understanding that damage caused by excessive amounts of rain would qualify under Saskatchewan’s Provincial Disaster Assistance Program. The minimum criterion for a declaration is one claim of $5,000 or several smaller claims totaling $25,000. Based on calls received to date, Saskatoon has met the requirements.

*In order for individual citizens to receive assistance under the provincial program, the City of Saskatoon must be designated an Eligible Assistance Area.

*Update as of Friday July 28, 2017, the Province of Saskatchewan approved the City of Saskatoon’s application to be designated as an Eligible Assistance Area, making residents eligible for assistance under the Provincial Disaster Assistance Program (PDAP).