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City Council to Hear Community Investment Priorities: Recreation & Parks Master Plan

For immediate release: September 14, 2017 - 8:30am

A special meeting of the Governance and Priorities Committee will be held on Wednesday, September 20, 2017, for City Council to hear an update on the Recreation & Parks Master Plan Long-Range Capital Plan.  The meeting will include presentations from community-based organizations interested in partnering with the City on capital initiatives.

In 2015, City Council approved the Recreation & Parks Master Plan to provide a framework for guiding the development, delivery and improvement of recreation and parks programs, services and facilities now and into the future.  It identified recommendations for implementation for the City and community over the next 15 years.

“The Master Plan was developed by a diverse team,” says Lynne Lacroix, Director of Recreation and Community Development.  “This included the City Administration and recreation experts, along with extensive community and stakeholder engagement.  The team heard from key agencies and sectors involved in and affected by recreation and parks services.”

The next step in the implementation of the Master Plan is to set priorities for long-range capital budget planning for recreation and parks facilities.  The goal will be to identify gaps and to formalize a process for setting priorities:  that is, what, when, and where to build or upgrade amenities.

“We’ve developed a game plan for prioritizing enhanced or new recreation and parks facilities.”

Lacroix says the plan focuses on three areas:

  • maintenance of existing City-owned facilities;
  • identifying new initiatives based on trends and partnership opportunities; and
  • growth-related infrastructure in new areas of the city.

The game plan details annual capital expenditures and priorities related to recreation and parks infrastructure using the Master Plan tools and framework.  Once received by the Governance and Priorities Committee, this game plan, along with a proposed funding strategy, will proceed to City Council for debate in the budget proceedings later this year.

Please visit for the highlights of the Recreation & Parks Master Plan, to view the plan in its entirety, and for more information on implementation.