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City Council votes on Curbside Residential Recycling service levels for 2020 and beyond

For immediate release: October 1, 2019 - 5:00pm

City Council, at its regular business meeting held on September 30, 2019 opted to maintain the list of acceptable items, minus black plastics and polycoat (e.g. disposable coffee cups), as recommend by the Administration. This decision comes during a wave of uncertainty in the global recycling markets, driven by restrictions imposed by the Chinese Government, falling oil prices, and weak market prices in the plastics market.

“An ideal scenario would have us accepting all recyclable material, but unfortunately that is out of our control,” says Russ Munro, Director of Water & Waste Operations. “Changing markets and higher processing costs are the reality we are facing, but we will continue to be diligent in working with our recycling partners to run an efficient and cost effective recycling program for Saskatoon residents. We believe the decision made by Council to enter into this long term contract will help stabilize us during this time of uncertainty in the recycling market and put us in a more favourable financial position than other prairie cities with similar recycling programs.”

City Council also opted to continue the Glass Recycling Partnership with SARCAN Recycling which would see a greater number of glass bottles being diverted for recycling. Glass will still be collected through the Curbside Program but this additional drop-off option results in less breakage and a greater potential to recycle glass containers.

The current contract for curbside residential recycling services expires on December 31, 2019, and a new contract is required for 2020 and beyond. After a competitive RFP process, the City has entered into negotiations with the highest ranked proponent to finalize an agreement. Details of the 2020 recycling program will be shared when negotiations are complete, including information on service levels, accepted materials, and rates.

The detailed report and all of its attachments can be found here.