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City Crews Begin to Cut Neighbourhood Ruts

For immediate release: March 13, 2018 - 1:42pm

As temperatures are forecast to hover around the melting point in the coming days, roadways crews have begun grading in residential neighbourhoods to prevent severe snow and ice ruts.

 “We are trying to get a leg-up on the spring melt,” says Brandon Harris, Director of Roadways and Operations. “With daytime temperatures forecast to stay around zero and overnight lows below freezing this week, it could make for some icy and rutted residential streets.”

Crews began rut cutting work last week in areas that had blown-in including Kensington, Evergreen, Hampton Village, Rosewood and the North Industrial area.

Yesterday graders started in the downtown core and will be working outward – first to the historic neighbourhoods within Circle Drive – before moving beyond.

“We are inspecting and will shave-down the worst streets first, but also need to work around garbage and recycling schedules to avoid carts placed for collection.

Drivers are encouraged to use extra caution when driving through puddles and slow down as road conditions change in this type of weather. With daytime melting, ice may form overnight and cause slippery roads and sidewalks.

 What you can expect from us

  1. In order to take full advantage of the warm weather and complete as many streets as soon as possible, we will not use high-visibility yellow “No Parking” sandwich boards.
  2. Graders will go around parked vehicles, keeping catch basins clear and maximizing on-street parking where possible.
  3. Snow will be stored in the parking lanes and remain until melting occurs.
  4. During the rut-shaving work, many other roadway and drainage programs will continue:
    • Monitoring and salting/ sanding
    • Pothole patching with cold mix and infra-red hot mix asphalt
    • Catch basin defrosting to relieve large puddles
    • Utility cut maintenance until gravel can be permanently patched with hot mix asphalt
    • Snow removal on high-traffic priority streets at night
    • Sidewalk/ pathway snow clearing

 How you can help us

  1. Slow down when encountering a pool of water to avoid the possibility of vehicle damage and splashing pedestrians.
  2. Be extra cautious on sidewalks where ice may form.
  3. Learn about reducing your risk of flooding due to snow melt and, when safe to do so, help clear snow, ice and debris from the catch basins in your area.
  4. When safe to do so, report icy locations, emergency flooding concerns, and potholes to the 24-hour Customer Service Centre at 306-975-2476 or email
  5. Watch for blue and amber flashing lights on maintenance equipment. If you encounter equipment on the road, slow down, remain at least 15 metres (2.5 car lengths) behind, and be ready to stop.