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City Grading and Repairing 400 Kilometres of Gravel Back Lanes

For immediate release: July 13, 2017 - 9:32am

As part of an overall commitment to better roads in Saskatoon, City crews are busy repairing and grading a network of more than 400 kilometres of gravel back lanes. The annual work improves surface drainage and provides better access for residents and service vehicles.

“Gravel back lanes were assessed in the spring, so right now we are tackling lanes that were identified as being deteriorated due to weather and vehicle traffic,” says Brandon Harris, Director of Roadways and Operations. “In addition to improving surface drainage, back lane maintenance also includes rut and pothole repair.”

Although ponding water is normal after it rains, pools of water in gravel lanes over several weeks can speed up the formation of potholes. Back lane maintenance is both reactive and proactive as it repairs the surface while reducing future deterioration.

Residents can help prevent flooding in back lanes by keeping drainage routes clear of debris and trimming back tree branches that block sunlight in back lanes. Overhanging branches can prevent gravel back lanes from drying properly and also interfere with equipment.  

“Our crews operate large equipment, often in tight surroundings in these gravel back lanes,” says Harris. “We ask that while crews are working everyone stays clear of back lanes so our workers can get the job done safely and efficiently.”   

For everyone’s safety, please respect work zones, and for more information please visit for the back lane maintenance schedule.