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City & partners support launch of Immigration Partnership Saskatoon’s “See Me As I Am/Be An Ally” Campaign

For immediate release: August 27, 2020 - 10:00am

Immigration is important to Canada’s economy and population growth. It is estimated that Canada needs 350,000 immigrants every year to meet its workforce needs. By 2035, 25 per cent of Canada’s population will be 65-years-old and above. In short, Canada will need more workers to support the economy. Our local and provincial economies plus the associated health of our communities in the years ahead depend on making Saskatoon and Saskatchewan a supportive and welcoming place for immigrant families.

To further this work, Immigration Partnership Saskatoon (IPS) is proud to be launching its “See Me As I Am/Be An Ally” campaign. The goals of the campaign are to increase awareness of how newcomers benefit Saskatoon, to build support and create understanding of newcomers as an integral part of an inclusive, diverse workforce and welcoming community.
Established in May 2017, IPS is a community collective that includes Saskatoon Settlement Sector agencies, the Government of Canada, Province of Saskatchewan, City of Saskatoon, the University of Saskatchewan, United Way of Saskatoon, Saskatoon Public School Division, Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools, Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce and others. The Partnership is developing a Newcomer Strategy and Action Plan to make Saskatoon more welcoming for newcomers and to improve accessibility to services.

“The “See Me As I Am/Be An Ally” campaign is a great example of what Saskatoon is all about - it’s a community-driven and community-focused project that builds connections and understanding. The messaging is powerful, and it serves as an important reminder to see beyond our differences and to reinforce the connections and ties that we share. When we are at our best as a city, we can serve as an example of what it means to be welcoming and inclusive,” says Charlie Clark, Mayor of Saskatoon.

“Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada is proud to partner with Saskatoon’s  campaign. Now, more than ever, Canadians need to unite around our common values of “See Me As I Am/Be An Ally” diversity and inclusion. I am pleased that Saskatonians are having this important dialogue, and I look forward to seeing what fruit this brings,” says the Honourable Marco Mendicino, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship (IRCC).

“The Government of Saskatchewan is proud to be a part of Immigration Saskatoon Partnership and welcomes this exciting new campaign,” Immigration and Career Training Minister Jeremy Harrison said. “Efforts like this to support newcomers in their transition and integration into Saskatoon and across our great province will help those individuals and our communities achieve social, cultural, and economic success.”

The campaign includes the “See Me As I Am” and the “Be An Ally” videos. To learn more about how you can be an ally and to see the videos, visit the IPS website at