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City retrofits fleet so residents get a good night’s sleep

For immediate release: February 14, 2020 - 9:52am

ThCity is replacing the conventional sound for its heavy equipment back-up alarms with a “white noise” versionWith City operations running 24/7the constant “beep-beep-beep” from snow clearing, road repairs and street sweeping can be disruptive to residents in the area. The new alarm emits a pulsing, “psssht-psssht” sound directed to the rear of the equipment to alert workers and pedestrians at risk, while reducing noise disturbances. 

“Our new white noise alarm is a unique sound. While still noticeable, it directs the sound to the back of the grader instead of blasting it in all directions,” says Goran Saric, Director of Roadways, Fleet and SupportNow we can still get our work done safely with less disruption to residents.  

The City initially installed 17 white noise alarms on its fleet of maintenance vehicles after receiving noise complaints from residents. The City is considering retrofitting more maintenance vehicles with the white noise alarm.   

As we gain more experience with the white noise alarms, we may include the requirement for this type of back-up alarm isome of our contracts for winter maintenance work,” says Saric. “Testing and gradual adoption of these alarms is a trend happening across the country that improves quality of life for people.” 

White noise back-up alarms are one way in which the City is taking strides to be the best neighbours ever. Check out the latest Your City video featuring the white noise back-up alarm for a demonstration.