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City of Saskatoon to participate in national Commuter Challenge

For immediate release: May 23, 2018 - 10:00am

The City of Saskatoon is participating in the Commuter Challenge (June 3-9, 2018), a national initiative coordinated by municipal volunteer representatives from across the country. The intent of the initiative is to encourage people to try one or multiple modes of active and sustainable transportation like transit, cycling, or carpooling.

The City of Saskatoon is putting its own spin on the initiative by inviting City employees to participate in a game of Commuter Challenge Bingo.

“Saskatoon Transit is a great fit for an initiative like this because we tick all the boxes,” says Jim McDonald, Director of Saskatoon Transit. “Bus travel is sustainable and it’s also active—the bus is typically one piece of a trip that also includes walking and/or cycling.”

“We just saw a very successful turnout for Bike to Work Day YXE, and this is our chance to build on that success,” says Jay Magus, Acting Director of Transportation. “Some feedback we received following Bike to Work Day is that it’s surprisingly easy and pleasant to bike to work. We’re hoping this day will be an opportunity for more City employees to see that cycling, carpooling and taking the bus are actually convenient, affordable and enjoyable options.”

As the City of Saskatoon continues to move towards expanding transportation options around the city – with initiatives like Bus Rapid Transit and new cycling infrastructure – participation in initiatives like the Commuter Challenge will become even more commonplace.

While this particular challenge is directed at City of Saskatoon employees, other Saskatoon organizations and individuals are encouraged to consider leading or participating in their own game of Commuter Challenge Bingo.

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