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City of Saskatoon Strategic Plan Refresh

For immediate release: August 16, 2018 - 8:36am

The City of Saskatoon has released an updated strategic plan to reflect the priorities of City Council. The revised plan places the focus on achieving important outcomes during the 2018-2021 period.

“The refreshed Strategic Plan incorporates a new and innovative leadership model of City Council to address the challenges and opportunities of a changing world,” says Mayor Charlie Clark. “By empowering all members of City Council in 10 priority areas, we can work through some complex, sticky issues by working with stakeholders and making progress for the benefits of the citizens of Saskatoon. This leadership model is a bold change for the City and offers another opportunity to truly unlock the full potential of our community.”

In 2012, City Council adopted a 10-year Strategic Plan that reflected the visionary ambitions of people in Saskatoon through the community visioning process Saskatoon Speaks. The updated plan still includes public input from that initiative, but also incorporates the sentiment from the January 2017, Let’s Talk 2020 engagement initiative where citizens shared their thoughts on what the City’s priorities should be over the next four years.

“The foundation of the strategic plan remains intact, but we have gained a better understanding of what its seven Strategic Goals mean to our city,” says City Manager, Jeff Jorgenson. “This improved awareness offers an opportunity to refine the plan and establish well-defined outcomes for each Strategic Goal that reflect the current City Council.”

Other enhancements include measures to monitor progress that correspond to each outcome and specific actions Administration will take to make progress. It sets things in a way that ensures that the City’s programs and services will address the needs of the community while keeping within our financial means. The updates are timely as this plan will help guide the City’s first ever multi-year business plan and budget process starting in 2020.

“The timeframe of this plan reflects the term of City Council,” says Jorgenson. “It is good governance to revisit the plan at regular intervals to keep us on track for realizing our vision for the future to make Saskatoon a great place to live, work, learn and play.”

The plan will go into action once it is formally approved by City Council.