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City Seeks Public Input for Open Data Program

For immediate release: April 19, 2017 - 10:56am

The City of Saskatoon is launching an opportunity for interested citizens, schools and businesses to participate in the development of an open data sharing program.

“The City collects a vast quantity of high-quality information and data as part of its ordinary working activities,” says Pat Hyde, Director of Service Saskatoon. “As part of a growing city committed to open governance and transparency, we believe there are huge potential benefits by making this information and data open and accessible to the public.”

Community engagement will help to determine what the community’s priorities are for the program.

Starting today, a survey is available online to allow interested citizens, schools and business to provide input for the program design.

“Information from the survey will be used to develop in-person engagement sessions that will help determine program priorities and resource requirements to manage the open data,” Hyde says.

More details about improvements to the open data sharing program will be announced as Service Saskatoon incorporates the results of the citizen input engagement processes being launched today. For more information, visit

Service Saskatoon and the Open Data initiative support the City’s goal of Continuous Improvement. It will leverage technology and emerging trends to reach our goal to provide great citizen experiences at every level.