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City sweepers and pothole patchers in full spring swing

For immediate release: April 19, 2018 - 1:30pm

Thanks to warm temperatures this week, roads are drying up enough for street sweeping and pothole repairs. With late snowfalls, these road maintenance programs are three to four weeks behind the average year.

“Today is our first day with hot-mix asphalt and City crews are already a few loads in,” says Brandon Harris, Director of Roadways & Operations. “We have utility cuts to maintain, countless potholes to repair, and six weeks of priority-street sweeping to complete before residential sweeping begins on May 7.”

Over the next two weeks, City crews will be working longer days and through the weekend to repair potholes beginning with those at highest-risk for causing injury or damage. Citizens will also notice sweeping along priority streets, business improvement districts, and on medians and boulevards.

“We are operating at maximum staffing and equipment capacity and expect unprecedented progress for sweeping and pothole repairs,” says Harris. “However, roads in general will still be bumpy and dusty on secondary roads for a few weeks because of this late start to spring road maintenance.”

In addition to sweeping and pothole repairs, the City is maintaining more than 1,000 utility cuts with gravel until they can be permanently repaired beginning next week. Citizens can report dangerous locations to our Customer Service Centre and continue to report potholes on our Report-a-Pothole app to help the City prioritize repairs.

City-wide residential street sweeping will begin May 7, weather permitting. Bright yellow No Parking signs will be posted in neighbourhoods 36-48 hours in advance of street sweeping, followed up with ticketing and relocation towing. At the same time, City crews will be permanently repairing potholes with a hot mix asphalt.  

Visit to report a pothole and for street sweeping schedules and information on spring road maintenance programs.