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Citywide notifynow Test Successful; Residents Becoming More Familiar With Sign-Up Process

For immediate release: December 8, 2017 - 9:18am

Yesterday’s notifynow TEST message sent by the City of Saskatoon’s Emergency Measures Organization (EMO) was once again a success based on the feedback from residents and program delivery results.

“Residents that called in yesterday after the TEST message wanted to learn more about how to sign up to customize their notifynow profile, says Deb Davies, Acting Director of Emergency Planning. “Residents are recognizing that in the event of a wide-scale emergency, or one affecting only their neighborhood, they might prefer a text message, and an email in addition to receiving a voice message to their landline. Or maybe they want to make sure their children receive a text message. That’s what is great about the notifynow emergency messaging system; people can customize their profile and tell us how best to contact them and their family members.”

To date, 22,470 residents have gone online to customize their preferred communication method. With the twice-yearly testing of the notifynow system, and by creating ongoing awareness for the program, the City’s EMO hopes to continue to grow this number.

“Testing the system helps  to familiarize residents with what a notifynow message will sound like and how it will be displayed on their phones or their other preferred methods of communication they’ve let us know about by signing up,” says Davies. “Testing helps residents know that a timely and targeted notifynow message is legitimate - and should be trusted. Should a resident receive a notifynow safety message, they’ll know what to do, where to go, and what to expect in an impending, escalating, or occurring emergency situation in Saskatoon. We ask that people save the contact in their address books and cell phones as notifynow for easier identification.

The ability to receive timely emergency communications is critical for all people, including the deaf and hard of hearing. The TEST yesterday sent messages to 86 TTY devices; again, the EMO hopes to continue to see this number grow. To receive accessible notifynow messages, sign up and enter up to two different TTY electronic device methods for text communication via telephone.

The EMO continues to encourage everyone to sign up for notifynow. Tell us how to best reach you with timely, targeted and trusted notifynow messages in an emergency situation. Visit or call 306-975-3210 for more information.