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COVID-19: City leadership on Re-Open Saskatchewan plan

For immediate release: April 24, 2020 - 12:15pm

The City supports the provincial government’s Re-open Saskatchewan plan with a reminder that we all need to keep physical distancing and established protective health measures in place while it slowly unfolds.

“The whole country will be watching us. Our success will rely on everyone taking this virus very seriously and following all of the precautions. We want Saskatchewan to succeed in this careful and phased re-opening,” says Mayor Charlie Clark.

“Between now and May 4, I believe there are three key areas of risk that we will need to work with the Province on: ensuring and supporting businesses that re-open to be able to follow the rules and have the equipment necessary to remain safe; greater clarity around the rules for social gatherings; and fixing ongoing gaps in the vulnerable population strategy that is continues to see too many people remaining unsafely on the streets.”

Released a day ago, Thursday, April 23 the Re-open Saskatchewan plan is a five-phase plan aimed at slowly lifting restrictions so more businesses can re-open and more employees can go back to work.

City Manager Jeff Jorgenson says the City has done many things to flatten the curve of COVID-19 cases in Saskatoon.

“We’ve made many staffing and service changes so that our employees can safely deliver services to our community, and will continue to be vigilant. The province has not changed its direction to citizens and employers with respect to social distancing, so nothing has changed in that regard,” he says. “With the provincial plan now launched we are working on plans and options for opening our golf courses and campground.”

Emergency planners will continue to play a central part as the Re-open plan rolls out, says the Director of Emergency Management Organization.

“The bottom-line is: we are all continuing to live under a State of Emergency and a Public Health Order,” says Pamela Goulden-McLeod. “We have to keep practicing physical distancing measures so that all the hard work we’ve done as a community is not put as risk while we slowly re-open the economy.”

A package of administrative reports focused on the pandemic response will be later today placed on the City Council Agenda for its meeting Monday, April 27.