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Decisions in Brief Governance and Priorities Committee

For immediate release: October 19, 2017 - 2:58pm

From the October 16, 2017 Meeting

7.2.1 2018 Preliminary Business Plan and Budget


*The Committee decided;

  1. That the information be received and referred to City Council’s 2018 Preliminary Business Plan and Budget meeting for consideration; and
  2. That the Governance and Priorities Committee recommend to City Council:

a) That the meeting agendas for the Standing Policy Committees leading up to City Council’s Budget Deliberations include “2018 Preliminary Business Plan and Budget” as a standing agenda item to allow for discussion and comment; and

b) That the Administration report back on the current tax agreement with the Saskatoon Airport Authority and other potential options, including information on other municipalities.


*At its September 18, 2017 meeting, the Governance and Priorities Committee considered the 2018 Business Plan and Budget Update report which outlined a projected property tax increase of 4.96% for 2018.

9.1 Capital Project to Support City Council’s 10 Strategic Priority Areas


*The Committee decided that a report be submitted to City Council recommending:

1.       That a capital project for $50,000 be created to support the leadership of members of City Council in their assigned priority areas for consideration during the 2018 Business Plan and Budget Deliberations;

2.        That the recommended funding for this project be the Reserve for Capital Expenditures; and

3.       That City Council delegate to the Governance and Priorities Committee the authority to approve the spending requests from this project made by members of Council.


*City Council, at its meeting held on April 24, 2017 resolved, in part, “3. That Council Member Leads be empowered to take a leadership role in citizen and stakeholder engagement in the 10 priority areas.” Additionally, in this report presented to City Council for its meeting on April 24, 2017, it was stated that the Mayor’s Office would consult with Councillors and Administration to develop a budget to support the leadership initiative of City Council and the work of the members of City Council within their assigned priority area.

9.2 Strategic Areas and Priorities Update: Environmental Sustainability – Councillors Gersher and Loewen


*The Committee agreed with the recommendation that the information be received.


*On April 24, 2017, City Council formally adopted a new leadership model in which each member took on a leadership role for one of ten strategic areas: Community Safety and Wellness, Core Services, Downtown Development, Economic Development, Environmental Sustainability, Information Technology, Reconciliation, Inclusion and Diversity, Recreation, Culture and Leisure, Regional Planning, and Transportation.