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Decisions in Brief, SPC on Planning, Development and Community Services

For immediate release: January 10, 2018 - 4:02pm

From the January 8, 2018 Meeting

7.1.1 Aboriginal Engagement and Inclusion – Naming Process


The Committee will forward the report to City Council, and recommend that the Administration further pursue modifying the naming policy to include non-surnames as submissions.


At the September 21, 2015 meeting of the Executive Committee, it was resolved, in part: “That with respect to the efforts for increased awareness for the City’s “Naming of Civic Property and Development Areas Policy”, and related processes, a further report be received in one year by the appropriate committee on the yield of nominations as a result of increased awareness.”

Furthermore, at the May 19, 2016 NAC meeting, the Administration was instructed to report back regarding revisions to the Naming Policy specifically on the admission of non-surname submissions and that the names ‘Ayishinoo’ (Métis word meaning ‘Aboriginal’), ‘Rispay’ (Métis word meaning ‘respect’), ‘Shakihi’ (Métis word meaning ‘love’), and ‘Newo’ (Cree word meaning ‘four’) be kept on hold pending said revisions.

8.1.1 Request for Funding- 2018 and 2019 Federation Internationale de Basketball 3 x 3 World Tour


The Committee approved the funding, in the amount of $190,000 dollars (spread over two years), for Tourism Saskatoon under the Special Event (Sport) category, as an exception to Policy No. C03-007, Special Events Policy, for the 2018 and 2019 FIBA 3x3 World Tour events, with the funding to be dispersed each year respectively as per policy criteria.


On October 17, 2017, the Administration was made aware that Tourism Saskatoon intended to apply for a Special Event Grant for the FIBA World Tour event for 2018 and 2019, as it had signed a three-year commitment with FIBA to host this event in Saskatoon for 2017, 2018, and 2019. On November 16, 2017, the Administration met with representatives of Tourism Saskatoon to discuss this event and its grant eligibility. On November 24, 2017, Tourism Saskatoon submitted a Special Event Grant application for both the 2018 and 2019 FIBA World Tour events, requesting $95,000 in grant funding for each year, respectively, for a total of $190,000.

8.1.2 Development of the Swale – Response to Northeast Swale Watchers’ 12 Points – Northeast Swale Working Group


The Committee received the report as information and is forwarding the report to the SPC on Transportation and the Saskatoon Environmental Advisory Committee.


During its March 13, 2017 Standing Policy Committee on Environment, Utilities and Corporate Services meeting, in response to the Development of the Swale – Response to Northeast Swale Watchers’ 12 Points report, the Committee resolved:

“3. That the Administration bring together stakeholders in regards to the Northeast Swale (Swale) to continue the discussion about protection of the Swale. Stakeholders should include, but are not limited to, the City of Saskatoon, University of Saskatchewan, Meewasin Valley Authority, Saskatoon Environmental Advisory Committee, Municipal Heritage Advisory Committee and the Swale Watchers. Stakeholders’ composition does not need to come back to Committee, but suggested starting points for initial discussion include integrated project management, long-term planning, financial implications, community engagement and communications.”

In addition, the Standing Policy Committee on Transportation recommended the following at its August 15, 2017 and September 11, 2017 meetings, respectively:

a) that the issue of the future of Lowe Road be referred to the Swale stakeholder group and the Administration for report back; and

b) that discussion about the speed limit on McOrmond Drive from Central Avenue to Wanuskewin Road be referred to the Northeast Swale stakeholder committee before the speed is determined.

8.2.1 Addition of Afghanistan 2001 to 2014 Plaque to Saskatoon Cenotaph


The Committee will recommend to City Council that an “Afghanistan 2001 to 2014” plaque be added to the Saskatoon Cenotaph.


Commemorations contribute to Saskatoon’s urban landscape. Whether as statues, monuments, or artworks, commemorations describe connections to the past, express community and individual values, contribute to telling stories, and help to create a sense of place. In response to the importance that community places have on commemoration, the Administration developed a comprehensive policy to govern requests for commemorative art, statues, and monuments in Saskatoon. The Commemorations and Monuments Policy was adopted by City Council in May 2013.

8.2.4 Cannabis Legalization and Regulation – Overview of City of Saskatoon’s Response


The Committee will forward the report to City Council in support of the recommendations of the Administration for proposed amendments to Bylaw No. 8286, The Smoking Control Bylaw, 2004, and for the City Solicitor to prepare the necessary amendments to broaden the definition of smoking in public places.  The Committee is also supporting the recommendation for a further report from the Administration on options for municipal regulation of cannabis in relation to business licensing, zoning, and community standards within the City of Saskatoon.


In February 2016, City Council received as information a report outlining the current regulatory scheme in place for medical marijuana. This was in response to an August 17, 2015 presentation from Mr. Mark Hauk regarding the prospect of regulating medical marijuana dispensaries within Saskatoon. The report indicated that a further report to City Council would be brought forward in the event of changes to the regulations applicable to the possession, consumption, and sale of marijuana.

The Government of Canada has proposed a framework for the legalization and regulation of cannabis through Bill C-45, the Cannabis Act, which is expected to become law in July 2018. At the time of writing this report, Bill C-45 had been through second reading in the Senate.

The federal, provincial, and municipal governments all have a role in the creation of a new legal and regulatory regime. The federal government will retain responsibility for regulating cannabis producers and setting rules and standards for the industry, respecting matters such as permitted products and ingredients, potency, labelling, packaging, and promotional activities.

Provincial and territorial governments will license and oversee the distribution and sale of cannabis, subject to federal conditions. They also have the option to increase the minimum age from the federally mandated age of 18 (but not lower it), lower personal possession limits, and create additional rules for growing cannabis at home or consuming it in public.

The Province of Saskatchewan (Province) is currently working on a framework for the regulation of cannabis in the Province.

8.2.5 Gordie Howe Sports Complex Master Plan – Project Update and Funding Request


The Committee will ask City Council to support the recommendations of the Administration as set out in the report.  Recommendation 2 was changed slightly to be clearer that the additional $5M was not being approved at this time but that the Administration would report further on the implications to the Recreation and Parks Game Plan Funding Plan of incorporating $6.0 million dollars of funding towards the Gordie Howe Sports Complex upgrades, including the $1.0 million dollars already approved.


Since early 2013, when the capital upgrades at Gordie Howe Sports Complex began, the Friends of the Bowl has received approval from City Council to manage most aspects of the project. This has included approval to project manage the design and construction of the capital upgrades for: Saskatoon Minor Football Field (SMF Field) with artificial turf; score clock; sound system; the clubhouse; the entrance plaza and ticket booth; and most recently the replacement of the bleachers. This also included approval to solicit donor recognition for naming rights and asset-naming opportunities for the various phases of the fundraising campaign and to solicit contributions from various donors with installments paid over time.

With the final stage of the upgrades related to the SMF Field nearing completion, the Friends of the Bowl began to consider further upgrades which led to the development of a plan to upgrade all other areas of the Sports Complex.

At the September 20, 2017 Special Meeting of the Governance and Priorities Committee, the Friends of the Bowl presented an overview of the new Gordie Howe Sports Complex Master Plan and made a formal request for a $5.0 million capital contribution from the City. This request was considered at the November 20, 2017 City Council meeting, where it was resolved that $1.0 million in partial funding for the Friends of the Bowl be approved in 2018, and that a more detailed report on this project be presented at a later date for any additional funding beyond 2018.