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Decisions in Brief Special Meeting Governance and Priorities Committee

For immediate release: September 22, 2017 - 2:13pm

From the September 20, 2017 Meeting

4.1.1 Recreation and Parks Master Plan – Long Range Plan – Game Plan Introduction and Presentation

Lynne Lacroix, Director of Recreation & Community Development Invited Speakers and Groups

Children’s Discovery Museum

Friends of the Bowl Foundation

Lacrosse Saskatoon SWAT

Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan

Saskatoon River Park Association

Soccer, Canadian Premier Soccer League SK


Video of presentations


*The Committee will recommend to City Council:

  1. That the information be received;
  2. That the Committee refer the partnership projects and business plans to the Administration to further assess the connection to the Game Plan and report back on specific priorities within these;
  3. And that Administration be directed to prepare a report with funding options, and to be considered at the time of the 2018 Business Plan and Budget Review.


* During development of the Master Plan, part of the process was to identify the current demands and gaps in provision of both indoor and outdoor recreation and parks, facilities, and amenities. Within the Master Plan Implementation Plan presented to City Council in July 2015, the Administration identified the top priorities for any future capital funding for both indoor and outdoor facilities. During presentation within the 2017 Business Plan and Budget Review meeting, the Administration committed to providing updated information to City Council, related to the recreation infrastructure priorities, and consideration for how these priorities will be integrated into a funding plan. The Administration committed to reporting in time for City Council’s consideration during the 2018 Business Plan and Budget Review meeting.