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Dori Krahn of the Saskatoon Fire Department Receives NFPA Scholarship Award

For immediate release: June 13, 2018 - 9:02am

Dori Krahn of the Saskatoon Fire Department, has been selected by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) to receive a Star Scholarship Award for her dedication in effectively reaching the public with fire safety education. As an award recipient, Dori is currently attending NFPA’s Conference & Expo Spotlight on Public Education (SOPE), a 2-day event for fire and life safety educators and others interested in public education and community risk reduction, in Las Vegas, Nevada. She is participating in training sessions, conference events, and a networking reception. NFPA’s Conference & Expo serves as the premier annual event for fire, electrical, and building safety.

“Dori has consistently demonstrated a strong commitment to reducing Saskatoon residents’ risk to fire and related hazards,” said Laura King, regional education specialist for NFPA’s Canadian Public Education Division. “She is truly deserving of this award, and we’re thrilled to have her attend this year’s conference.”

Assistant Chief Wayne Rodger added “Dori identified a need within our community and has championed a program that meets the needs for older adults, including education, recommendations on fire and fall prevention as well as forging solid relationships with the Saskatoon Council on Ageing and the Saskatchewan Health Authority to provide further health care services.”

NFPA chose 12 scholarship recipients from the United States and Canada who provide consistent and innovative outreach to their community; actively use and implement NFPA resources and programs including Learn Not to Burn®, Remembering When™, or Fire Prevention Week; promote NFPA in their community, state or province; and/or are new, enthusiastic, fire and life safety educators interested in learning about NFPA programs and materials.

Winners were selected by NFPA’s Regional Education Specialists and Canadian Public Education Representative. Each scholarship is valued at approximately $2,000 and includes travel, conference registration, and lodging.

On behalf of the Saskatoon Fire Department, congratulations to Dori Krahn on your national recognition and continued commitment to our community!