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Farmers’ Market Building initiatives moving forward

For immediate release: March 5, 2020 - 1:00pm
CY 20-1074

Work to renovate, re-animate and revitalize the Farmers’ Market Building in River Landing continues to move forward. Here’s an update:

Building Tenant

In 2019, City Council directed the Administration to find a tenant who will fully use and attract people to the Farmers’ Market Building at least six days a week. This site animation includes having a market focused on locally produced food and goods for sale.

A Request for Proposals (RFP) was released in November and it closed late December 2019. A team of City staff from departments relevant to the project evaluated the submissions.  An independent fairness monitor oversaw the evaluation process.  The team made its evaluation based on criteria outlined in the RFP and how closely a proposal met those criteria. The City is in negotiations with the highest ranked proponent, but is not yet in a position to speak publicly about any details; business discussions are ongoing and confidential.

City Council and the community will be informed once our discussions conclude; we anticipate this to happen later this spring.

Outdoor Market on Market Square

During discussions at Committee and Council in 2019, the Administration committed to City Council that we would ensure that Market Square is animated with an outdoor farmers’ market in 2020.  The City has received an application through its regular booking process for Market Square, to be used for a farmers’ market as an extension of the adjacent annual Street Stall Saturdays. As there is no building tenant at this time, the City has approved this application, as an interim initiative, in order to meet our commitment to City Council. It is anticipated to run May to September.


Last year the City discovered significant repairs were needed to the roof of the Farmers’ Market Building.  The City hired a roofing consultant to determine the best type of roof system to be installed on the building. A Request for Quotes for a roofing contractor was issued and closed last month.  The City aims to have the roofing contractor in place within the next few weeks.  Dependent on weather and the contractor’s own schedule, the work is expected to happen between May and June.

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