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Finance Committee Decisions in Brief

For immediate release: May 2, 2017 - 1:47pm

From the March 6, 2017 Meeting

7.1.2 Transfer of Unpaid Utilities to Property Tax


*The Committee received the information.


*The Cities Act allows Saskatchewan cities to transfer a tenant’s unpaid utilities (excluding electricity) to the property owner’s tax roll.
*Other cities, governed under the same legislation, have already implemented this ability or are contemplating doing so.
*The City of Saskatoon offers a Landlord/Tenant Agreement that helps mitigate the cost of service disruptions. 
*As requested by landlords, information is provided to landlords as early in the process as possible.

7.2.1 Corporate Risk Annual Report 2016


*The committee forwarded the report to City Council for information.


*The Administration has successfully reduced the risk severity of 11 (48%) of its key strategic risks from high to medium, although continued effort will be required to achieve targets.
*The Risk Based Management program sets a positive and proactive risk management culture for the corporation through the adoption of a systematic, practical and ongoing process for understanding and managing risk.