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FIRE Cadet Program – Class of 2018 Graduates

For immediate release: June 11, 2018 - 3:00pm

Today, 19 high school students will successfully graduate from the FIRE Cadet Program. Each of these students has demonstrated responsibility, respect, teamwork, community involvement, pride, and leadership to get to this point.

The FIRE Cadet Program is supported by the Saskatoon Public Schools and Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools, and is part of the Career Education Program at Bedford Road Collegiate, Mount Royal Collegiate, Tommy Douglas Collegiate, E.D. Feehan Catholic High School, Bethlehem Catholic High School, Bishop James Mahoney Catholic High School, and Holy Cross Catholic High School. Students from these schools applied to be a part of the program and were selected after an interview process.

“The FIRE Cadets have displayed impressive levels of teamwork and growth throughout their time with the Saskatoon Fire Department. The students came from a diverse set of backgrounds and interests, but quickly developed a sense of comradery. It’s a unique and rewarding experience to help lead these students and watch them work together to achieve various tasks and challenges” said Holly Lindberg, one of the firefighters leading the program.

Throughout the eight week program cadets learned to operate fire hoses, hydrants, fire trucks, and an aerial. They gained technical rope, ladder, extrication, dangerous goods, firefighter self-rescue, and water rescue skills. Cadets also received the CPR Level C and valuable experience giving fire safety presentations.

Brandon Bishop with the Saskatoon Fire Department states, “The support we have received from our community has been instrumental in the success of our students and the program. Don Flaman from Flaman Sales provided us with a trailer for the entire length of the program, SGI provided us with cars to allow our students to practice their extrication skills, and FFUN Motor Group provided the program with a van to shuttle the students to and from training sessions”.


Congratulations to each student who is graduating from the FIRE Cadet Program today!