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Governance and Priorities Committee Decisions in Brief

For immediate release: May 2, 2017 - 1:49pm

From the March 20, 2017 Meeting

7.2 Multi-year Business Plan and Budget Framework


*The committee received the information.

Additional Information

*The purpose of the report was to outline the various components of a Multi-Year Business Plan and Budget (MYB) Framework that need to be developed and receive approval of the Framework in principle.
*A Framework will form the basic structure and guiding principles for multi-year planning and budgeting.
*A policy sets the groundwork for an MYB process by establishing guidelines, responsibilities and direction.
*A defined process will increase the transparency of the process as well as ensure a seamless delivery of the MYB.
*A new document will be developed for the delivery and presentation of multiyear plans and budgets with increased emphasis on targets, outcomes and service levels.
*The implementation plan has a significant focus on change management within the corporation and includes the formation of an internal project team to ensure the successful implementation of this initiative.