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Governance and Priorities Committee Decisions in Brief

For immediate release: May 2, 2017 - 2:02pm

From the April 10, 2017 Meeting

5.1 City Council Strategic Priorities for 2016-2020


*The committee recommended to City Council: that the 10 year priority areas be set; that each priority area have a Council Member Lead; that Council Member Leads be empowered to take leadership role in citizen and stakeholder engagement in the 10 priority areas; that Administration be directed to prepare a draft policy that sets the parameters for Council Member Leads that includes the following: role and limits of authority for the Council Member Lead, requirements to report back to City Council, and the possibility of special working groups including make-up and mandate.

Additional Information

*The goal is to be the best run city in Canada – a city that punches above its weight class – a place that people are proud of and want to move to.
*Full report available here.

8.2.1 Inquiry – Councillor R.Donauer (July 21, 2016) – Whistleblower Policy


*The committee recommends to City Council that the City solicitor be directed to draft a Whistleblower Policy.

Additional Information

*Currently, there is limited whistleblower protection for municipal employees.
*The Province has identified options for offering whistleblower protection in Saskatchewan for municipal employees.
*Other Canadian jurisdictions have developed whistleblower bylaws and policies to offer protection to municipal employees.
*The City of Saskatoon can have a Whistleblower Policy that offers protection similar to other jurisdictions.