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New long-term recycling contract sets proposed rates and changes to accepted material

For immediate release: November 25, 2019 - 10:11am

Following a competitive request for proposal and negotiations process, the City has finalized a new eight-year agreement with Loraas Recycle for Curbside Recycling Services, effective January 1, 2020 through 2027.

“We are happy to continue our partnership with Loraas Recycle to deliver a successful recycling program and to offer the levels of service the City and its residents have come to expect,” says Russ Munro, Director of Water & Waste Operations.

The program will continue to have bi-weekly collection year-round and have the same collection routes and days in 2020. The City will also maintain its contract with Cosmopolitan Industries through 2023.

Because of increased pressures and shifts in the global recycling market, there are changes required to both residential recycling programs that will take effect January 1, 2020, including:

  • Removal of black plastics (e.g. takeout containers and disposable coffee cup lids)
  • Removal of polycoat* (e.g. paper coffee cups and beverage cups)
  • Curbside Residential Recycling rate increase to $7.38 per household per month in 2020 and $7.47 in 2021 pending City Council approval
  • Multi-Unit Residential Recycling rate increase to $3.71 per household per month in 2020 and $3.86 in 2021 pending City Council approval

Additional information on these changes can be found in this fact sheet.

As noted, these changes come after much deliberation and are a result of significant changes in global recycling markets, impacting municipal recycling programs across North America. Demand for high-quality material and a decrease in commodity values has lowered profits for the sale of those materials, resulting in lower revenues to offset processing costs. 

“An ideal scenario would have us accepting all recyclable material and maintaining the rates for our residents, but unfortunately the market is dictating otherwise,” says Munro. “That said, the changes we are implementing to our residential recycling programs will help stabilize us during this time of market uncertainty and put us in a better financial position than other prairie cities with similar recycling programs.

“We remain diligent in working with our recycling partners to run an efficient and cost-effective recycling program for the City and its residents.”

The administration will present a report, Additional Information for Curbside Residential Recycling for 2020 and Beyond, to the Standing Policy Committee of Environment, Utilities and Corporate Services on December 2, 2019.

*Tetra Pak containers (e.g. juice boxes, milk cartons, and soup broth containers) are still accepted in the program as they can be recycled through SARCAN Recycling.