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Police investigating work zone collision, equipment damage: worker endangered

For immediate release: July 26, 2018 - 2:35pm

The Saskatoon Police Service is investigating an incident where a truck narrowly missed a roadways worker and damaged specialized patching equipment.

“Fortunately no one was injured; however, one person was in the work zone at the time and three others were on their way from another site – each of them with families to get home to,” says Brandon Harris, Director of Roadways & Operations.

“With advance warning signs and plenty of pylons, there is absolutely no reason for any vehicle to be in that work zone and put lives at risk.”

It happened Sunday, July 15 at Circle Drive and Avenue C. A semi-truck and trailer knocked over two metal construction signs, drove over multiple orange pylons and for about six metres dragged the City’s new infrared pothole patching machine – which was loaded with propane tanks.

The worker who was at risk of being hurt was also attempting to alert the truck driver.

Drivers are required to slow to 60 km/h or the posted speed limit when they enter a work zone, and follow the directions of all signs in the area. City and contract workers are encouraged to report license plate numbers to the Saskatoon Police Service, which will follow up with the vehicle owner.

“My message for drivers is: unless you are part of that crew in that moment, you must not touch the pylons, signs or any other barriers,” says Harris. “These are in place to protect the people who are at work.”

The roadways crew was on day four of a pilot project that was testing the effectiveness of the infrared patching technology on restoring cracked asphalt before it developed into a pothole or more serious crack. The cost of restoring the damage to the one-of-a kind patcher is unknown as repairs and troubleshooting are ongoing.