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Preliminary tests clean: WSA Notice remains in effect for Aspen Ridge block

For immediate release: January 19, 2018 - 4:23pm

Despite preliminary tests showing the water is clear of contaminates, the Water Security Agency (WSA) Do Not Use Notice for a small number of homes in the Aspen Ridge neighbourhood remains in effect. The WSA issued the Notice on January 10 after hydrocarbons were visually detected in some hydrants within one section of the neighbourhood.

“So far it looks good. The tests we’ve done in homes have come back clear and visual inspections also show no contamination in pipes,” says Angela Gardiner, Acting General Manager of Transportation and Utilities. “However, the Do Not Use Notice has to remain in effect until final testing has been confirmed.”

The City has not yet determined how the hydrocarbons got into the hydrants.

“Right now, we are busy inspecting hydrants and developing a remediation plan,” Gardiner says. “To date, four out of six have been found to be contaminated and five inspections remain.”

The City continues to provide temporary water supplies for drinking, cooking and handwashing until a longer-term solution can be implemented.

“Because water use may be restricted for a few more weeks, the City is exploring the option of establishing temporary shower facilities for affected residents,” she says. “In the meantime, residents may continue to use showers at a City leisure facility at no cost or, we encourage them to reach out to friends and family.”

The Notice affects 19 homes, 10 of which are occupied. The City will continue to take weekly water samples from the occupied homes throughout the investigation.