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Rideshare Bylaw approved for Saskatoon & amendments made to Taxi Bylaw

For immediate release: December 19, 2018 - 1:39pm

At its meeting today, City Council approved a new bylaw that will regulate the operation of Transportation Network Companies (TNCs) in Saskatoon.  

Highlights of Bylaw No. 9548, The Transportation Network Company Bylaw, 2018 (Rideshare Bylaw), include:

  • The minimum fare for TNCs is $3.75, which is the same as the minimum fare for taxis.
  • Safety features include:
    • a TNC must disclose to a passenger, at the time of the request for service, the first name and photo of the driver and the make, model, colour, and provincial licence plate of the vehicle; and
    • a TNC must allow a passenger to track the location and route of the vehicle while carrying the passenger.
  • TNC drivers cannot offer, solicit, or accept offers to provide transportation to passengers except through the transportation network, such as an app. Street hailing (flagging down a vehicle on the street) is not permitted.
  • TNC vehicles must comply with provincial regulations, which require that a decal identifying the TNC be displayed on two sides of the vehicle.
  • TNCs must ensure that all affiliated drivers obtain an annual vulnerable sector check; this is in addition to the annual criminal record check that TNCs must ensure for all affiliated drivers under the provincial regulations.
  • Affiliated drivers have the same behavioural expectations as taxi drivers and are similarly required to provide service when appropriately dispatched.
  • TNCs must pay an annual licence fee based on the number of affiliated vehicles, as well as make monthly payments of per trip fees.  An accessibility surcharge must also be remitted monthly to support the provision of wheelchair accessible taxi service.

City Council also approved a second bylaw, Bylaw No. 9549, The Taxi Amendment Bylaw, 2018 (No. 2) (Amendment Bylaw), in part to align taxi regulations with the Rideshare Bylaw and The Vehicles for Hire Act & Regulations introduced by the Government of Saskatchewan on December 14, 2018 (please visit for more information). 

The Amendment Bylaw further includes the extension of 16 temporary wheelchair accessible taxi licences and the establishment of a taxi cleaning fee and its reporting requirements and appeal process.

For more information on the City’s Rideshare and Amendment Bylaws, please visit