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Saskatoon earns WCCD ISO Platinum Certification for data quality

For immediate release: February 24, 2021 - 9:42am

The City of Saskatoon has achieved ISO 37120 Platinum Certification from the World Council on City Data (WCCD) for its quality of data. This is the organization’s highest level of recognition.

This significant achievement was accomplished through Saskatoon’s participation in the nation-wide Data for Canadian Cities Pilot Project, supported by the Federal Ministry of Infrastructure and Communities, and implemented by the WCCD. The project’s goal is to increase data capacity in cities across the country, while helping to put data to use to improve city services and quality of life.  

"All communities, large and small, need good data to plan and build modern public infrastructure," says Canada’s Minister of Infrastructure and Communities, Catherine McKenna. "Meeting global data standards is critical. Through the Data for Canadian Cities Project, in partnership with the World Council on City Data, we've been helping municipal leaders in a number of communities across Canada do just that. I am delighted that the City of Saskatoon has obtained the ISO standard for municipal data. This will help the city plan projects with quality data and will help guide evidence-based decision-making. Canada's infrastructure plan invests in thousands of projects, creates jobs across the country and builds stronger communities."

City of Saskatoon Mayor Charlie Clark says: "For too long trying to compare programs and outcomes between cities has been like comparing apples and oranges because of different ways that data gets measured. Achieving Platinum Certification with WCCD opens the door to powerful new tools for us to better focus our planning, our budgeting, and learning from best practices in other cities to help our city succeed into the future."

WCCD President and CEO, Dr. Patricia McCarney says: "On behalf of the WCCD, we are very proud to welcome the City of Saskatoon into our global network of cities all dedicated to building high calibre and globally standardized data to drive informed and evidence-based decision-making. Working with Mayor Clark, City Council and staff over the past few years as part of the Data for Canadian Cities Project, supported by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Communities, has revealed an incredible commitment by the City of Saskatoon to harnessing data that will drive sustainability, prosperity, and a better future for all residents of Saskatoon. Achieving WCCD's ISO 37120 Platinum Certification is a real testament to this city-wide approach. On behalf of the entire WCCD team, we look forward to our continued work with you and to sharing stories of Saskatoon's successes – both in Canada and globally."

Preliminary data indicates that Saskatoon compares favourably with peer cities across a number of areas including ease of access to work, affordability, and supporting healthy citizens. Saskatoon’s performance in all categories will be released by WCCD later this year.