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Saskatoon Strides: Over $30M identified in efficiencies, revenues & additional funding

For immediate release: May 30, 2018 - 4:06pm

Saskatoon Strides - 2017 Report on Service, Savings and Sustainability highlights the progress the City continues to make to drive service improvements, savings for taxpayers, and sustainability initiatives throughout many accomplishments in 2017.

“This report highlights the many ways we’ve worked together to build an ongoing culture of innovation and creativity,” says Kim Matheson, Director of Employee Experience and Performance.  “We empower our staff to take on new challenges, try new strategies and come up with new ways to meet the changing needs of our community, and that results in making strides in the right direction.”   

2017 Report on Service, Savings and Sustainability highlights:

  • Identified savings, additional funding, and revenues total over $30 million in 2017, which included over $4.5 million in operational efficiencies and additional revenue
  • Saskatoon Land  delivered over $25 million in total financial returns for 2017
  • $1.45 million identified through internal process and civic service reviews
  • The City applied for Federal and Provincial Infrastructure Grants and received funding approval for $431,000
  • A number of continuous improvement initiatives in Information Technology resulted in over $800,000 savings identified in 2017
  • In 2017, to continue to grow the city in a sustainable way, civic Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions were reduced by approximately 48,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) a year, the equivalent of taking over 10,300 cars off our roads
  • Civic programs diverted approximately 27,900 tonnes of waste from the Saskatoon Landfill, contributing to reduced GHG emissions reductions and extending the life of the landfill

“We are very proud of our positive, productive, and innovative organizational culture, it empowers our employees, our teams, to build a better city,” adds Matheson.

Along with highlights of the many initiatives in 2017 that made a positive impact and realized improvements in City services, savings, and sustainability, are numerous awards and recognition, and a wide variety of kudos received by the City from residents.

Find the full report and details on the financial savings and project initiatives on the City's website. The Strides report was presented to City Council on May 28, 2018.