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SPC on Environment, Utilities and Corporate Services Decisions in Brief

For immediate release: May 2, 2017 - 1:58pm

From the April 4, 2017 Meeting

7.2.1 Service Saskatoon Progress Report and 2017 Plan


*The Committee forwarded the report to City Council for information.


*Significant work is underway to prepare for a centralized one-stop shop for citizens to access our services.
*A process is underway to transition into a primary call centre.
*Service Saskatoon has been engaging and talking with citizens receiving in person service at City Hall. The information has helped in the planning for some citizen service improvements in 2017. 
*In 2017, there will be moderate changes introduced to the City Hall front entrance service/foyer area involving new informational signage for services and re-design of the Information Desk.
*A list of functional requirements for an enterprise Customer Relationship Management system is currently being finalized. An RFP is expected to be issued in 2017.
*Service Saskatoon is conducting community engagement to receive input for developing plans for moving the corporate open data initiative forward.

7.2.3 Storm and Sanitary Sewer Flow Monitoring Along Major Corridors – Sole Source


*The Committee recommending to City Council that administration prepare a sole source to Avensys Solutions Inc. for the supply of ISCO flow monitoring equipment for the total cost of $124,551 (including GST)


*Storm and sanitary flow monitoring is essential for building and calibrating system models. These models are fundamental for cost effective planning, design, and operation of the storm and sanitary systems, while considering the environmental implications in existing and new neighbourhoods.
*The purchase of 17 new ISCO flow monitors is required for the Secondary Plan Process & Corridor Redevelopment component of the Growth Plan.
*In March of 2015, City Council approved the use of ISCO flow monitors as the City standard until December 31, 2018.