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SPC on Transportation Decisions in Brief

For immediate release: April 10, 2017 - 9:49am

From the January 31, 2017 Meeting

7.2.2 Traffic Noise Sound Attenuation (TNSA) Policy


*The Committee recommended to City Council that the policy be approved.


*A policy has been developed that defines the TNSA program, specifically providing details on assessment criteria, noise impact assessments, noise monitoring, noise barriers, and the monitoring of potential TNSA projects.

7.2.3 Neighbourhood Traffic Management – Feedback on Vertical Traffic Calming Devices


*The Committee forwarded the report to City Council for information and recommended a report be submitted to City Council recommending that the Administration undertake a vertical traffic calming device pilot project in locations that would not currently qualify for such devices under the existing policy. Proposed locations should be based on transportation data, neighbourhood feedback, and consultation with local City Councillors. The goal of the project is to measure the impact of such devices in the community. Include consideration of temporary devices that can be removed in winter months and reporting to the Standing Policy Committee on Transportation before and after the pilot project.


*In June 2016, City Council considered the Neighbourhood Traffic Management – Revised Guidelines and Tools report, and resolved, in part that the Administration report, with feedback from Transit, Emergency Services, Public Works and contractors, about the possibility of expanding the use of speed humps and raised crosswalks as traffic calming measures in residential areas.
*Input from Saskatoon Transit, Roadways & Operations, Saskatoon Police Service, Saskatoon Fire Department, and MD Ambulance does not support the use of vertical devices for traffic calming.