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Statement from Mayor Charlie Clark on the Passing of Peter Zakreski

For immediate release: February 5, 2020 - 4:19pm

As we learn of Peter Zakreski's passing, my condolences go out to Elaine, the Zakreski family and all of those whose lives have been touched by Peter.

We have lost an incredible community builder. Peter Zakreski has left a legacy in Saskatoon that reflects so much of who we have become as a city. He has been central to life in sports, politics, business, philanthropy, arts, community safety, and more.

Peter's vision and impact went well beyond Saskatoon – most notably with the incredible efforts he made working so closely with Elaine on the Hope for Malawi  project.

In Peter's role as a nation builder, he was recognized as a Member of the Order of Canada.

Peter’s warmth and generosity were infectious. His partnership with Elaine and his devotion to family, friends, and the people who live here is remarkable.

Peter has also left a legacy with the many people whom he mentored. They are following in his footsteps by making a difference in community building and philanthropy.

We are a better community because of Peter’s leadership.

He will be missed.

Mayor Charlie Clark