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Sutherland properties under Precautionary Drinking Water Advisory

For immediate release: February 4, 2020 - 10:11am

Approximately 400 properties in the Sutherland neighbourhood experienced a water outage and lower water pressure in the evening of February 3, following an issue with the primary water main on 102nd Street W at O’Neil Crescent. These properties are on a Precautionary Drinking Water Advisory issued by the Water Security Agency and Saskatchewan Health Authority and should boil their water until notified.

There were two separate water main breaks that caused the water distribution system in the area to depressurize. The water main breaks occurred on 102nd Street W at O’Neil Crescent, and Packham Avenue affecting approximately 400 properties south of 108th Street W. 

The water was restored to all properties; however, there could be some localized water outages as crews tackle the repair to the individual water main breaks.

“We thank everyone for their patience as we work as quickly as possible to restore water service,” says Trent Schmidt, Acting Director of Water & Waste Operations. “This is the time of year when the frost is gets closer to the depth of our water pipes and we can notice an increase in breaks, unfortunately.”

Crews are flushing out the water system this morning, which could carry into tomorrow due to the size of the area affected. Following flushing, water testing can take another 48-72 hours to confirm the drinking water quality is achieved. Affected properties will receive a green Drinking Water Advisory Lifted Notice when the water quality tests confirm it is safe to drink.

Properties affected are reminded to review the white letter from the Water Security Agency and Saskatchewan Health Authority, and the yellow door hanger from the City delivered to their front door for instructions. Learn more at