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Temporary water line installed for Rosewood business

For immediate release: May 14, 2018 - 4:54pm

City staff, contractors and Costco management worked throughout the weekend and established a temporary water supply for the store as of 11 p.m. Sunday, May 13.

“We continue to work closely with Costco to help keep things business-as-usual at the store,” says Angela Gardiner, Acting General Manager of Transportation & Utilities.

Friday, May 11 the Water Security Agency (WSA) issued a Do Not Use notice after City staff suspected hydrocarbons in three hydrants on the water line that supplies Costco.

With the temporary line in place and following the usual WSA protocol, Costco will remain on a Drinking Water Advisory for the next 36-48 hours until water tests on the temporary line come back clean.

“This is a strict precaution, there is also no reason to believe there is any health risk or that any of the adjacent residential homes in Rosewood are impacted.”

In January, the WSA issued a similar notice after hydrocarbons were visually detected in some fire hydrants within one section of the Aspen Ridge neighbourhood. Even though there were no signs of hydrocarbons beyond the hydrant structures and the residential water supply continued to test clean and clear, about 10 homes have been on temporary water lines since late winter.

“Just like everyone else affected, we want some definitive answers about what’s going on,” Gardiner says. “There could be something about the materials and how they were made, or about how they were installed or there may be some other way any hydrocarbons got there.”

Gardiner says part of the investigation involves an external consultant to develop the permanent remediation plan. The current focus she says is to confirm the exact type of hydrocarbon.

“This is done by sending tests to a lab in Ontario, which takes about three-to-four weeks for results. Once the type of hydrocarbon is confirmed, we will know what direction to take.”