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Temporary Water Lines to Restore Routine in Aspen Ridge

For immediate release: February 1, 2018 - 11:00am

More work has determined that hydrocarbons have not been detected beyond seven fire hydrants in a small area of the Aspen Ridge neighbourhood; even so, the Water Security Agency (WSADo Not Use Notice for just over a dozen homes remains in effect.

“This is very encouraging,” says Russ Munro, Acting General Manager of Transportation and Utilities. “We are now in a position where we can get residents back to a normal routine by installing above-ground temporary water lines.”

The WSA issued the Notice on January 10th after hydrocarbons were visually detected in some fire hydrants within one section of the neighbourhood.

So far, the City’s investigation has revealed no signs of hydrocarbons beyond the hydrant structures. The residential water supply continues to test clean and clear.

“We dug up pipes and looked; we removed water meters and looked and there was no sign of hydrocarbons in either,” Munro says. “Even though tests in the home have come back clear, we simply do not take any chances with water quality. The Do Not Use Notice will remain in effect until the water quality is fully restored.”

The City replaced all the water meters in the affected area and the temporary water line installations are scheduled to happen in about two weeks. Until then, residents in about 10 affected homes will continue to receive bottled water.

The City has also arranged to suspend water billing for the affected properties as of January 10th.

The Do Not Use Notice does not extend to laundry and toilets – those uses are allowed.