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Transitioning to springtime road maintenance

For immediate release: March 20, 2019 - 10:00am

As temperatures warm and with spring officially here today, City crews continue removing snow to help reduce drainage issues, dry up roads and prepare for spring street sweeping and pothole repairs.

Fewer potholes are expected this year if roads continue to dry up in conjunction with a slower spring melt. This is partly because of City Council’s multi-million dollar investments in road rehabilitation and protective maintenance over the past several years.

Crews will continue to monitor and maintain utility cuts and potholes until warmer, drier weather arrives. Once temperatures consistently stay above zero, hot asphalt can be used for pothole patching for a more permanent fix.

Starting this week, street sweepers will begin cleaning up winter debris, beginning in the downtown area. For this phase, the street sweepers will go around parked vehicles to collect the bulk of sand and grit.

Full street sweeping activities will begin in earnest once priority streets are dry, with residential sweeping beginning in early May. The full street sweeping schedule will be coming soon at

Also as temperatures rise, park paths and playgrounds may be subject to flooding as some drains within the parks may be frozen. However with the warm temperatures forecasted this should be a temporary concern. City staff will pump out low lying areas where possible. Citizens should stay well away from flooded areas and can report concerns of flooding in Parks at 306-975-3300.