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WSA Issues Do Not Use Notice for Area in Aspen Ridge

For immediate release: January 10, 2018 - 7:16pm

Until further notice, the Water Security Agency (WSA) has issued a “Do Not Use” notice for a small number of homes in the Aspen Ridge neighbourhood.

“I want to stress that residential water has tested clean, but hydrocarbons have been detected in some hydrants in the area,” says Angela Gardiner, Acting General Manager of Transportation and Utilities. “For this reason – the hydrocarbons in some hydrants – the WSA has ordered the water supply can’t be used for personal contact at 19 addresses in Aspen Ridge.”

Gardiner says at this point the City cannot be positive about how the hydrocarbons got there.

“That is part of an ongoing investigation,” Gardiner says. “This is not normal and so we went through extra steps to protect the water supply.

“Obviously, we are extremely concerned at this turn of events – we are doing everything we can to ease what we know is a terrible inconvenience to the affected households.”

The City is providing temporary water supplies for drinking, cooking and handwashing until a longer-term solution can be implemented.

“While the residential supply tested safe, the WSA recommends this precaution until the investigation is complete.

“What we know is the hydrocarbons are not detectable at all in testing because the levels are so low – but they are visibly present on inspection.”

Affected residents are able to use a City leisure facility for showering or are being asked to reach out to friends and family for bathing needs.

City staff have met with the affected residents to communicate the order and to answer any questions residents may have.

The order does not affect laundry and flushing toilets – those uses are allowed.