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Keep Recycling & Waste Reduction in Mind This Holiday Season.

For immediate release: December 7, 2017 - 9:32am

This holiday season the City of Saskatoon is encouraging residents to keep recycling options in mind.

“We know that the holidays are a time where our community generates a greater amount of garbage than normal. Our ‘Create Memories, Not Garbage’ campaign is an opportunity for us share a gentle waste reduction message,” says Brenda Wallace, Director of Environmental and Corporate Initiatives. “Recycling and composting are important successes for our community, and it’s also important that we start thinking about waste reduction year-round.”   

Wallace says almost 100,000 tonnes of garbage is added to the landfill each year and waste reduction is a critical component to deferring the replacement of the landfill. The costs to close the existing landfill and establish a new landfill are estimated at $26 million and $100 million respectively.  

Here are some recycling and waste reduction suggestions for the holidays:

  • Wrapping gifts with reusable materials
  • Gifts with less packaging
  • Gifts without packaging such as a Leisure Gift Card or tickets to a performance
  • Gifts of time participating in one of Saskatoon’s many winter activities
  • Gifts of food in reusable or recyclable containers

This is the first year that the City of Saskatoon has conducted a holiday waste reduction campaign. The campaign, built upon Metro Vancouver’s yearly waste reduction campaign will run on social media until January.

More information about purchasing Leisure Gift Cards is available at Winter City activity information is available at

The campaign supports the Strategic Goal of Environmental Leadership including the four-year priority to promote and facilitate city-wide composting and recycling and the long-term strategy to eliminate the need for a new landfill and to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions tied to City operations.  In addition, it supports the Waste Diversion Performance Target to divert 70% of waste by 2023.