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Saskatoon’s Green Network provides sustainable habitat for people and nature.

For immediate release: February 5, 2020 - 4:00pm
UE 20-1008

Saskatoon’s Green Infrastructure Strategy (Strategy), which forms the vision, actions, initiatives and mapping for Saskatoon’s Green Network is now complete.

Green infrastructure creates a network of natural, enhanced, and engineered assets that protect, restore or enhance green space.  Saskatoon’s green spaces are under pressure from urban growth and increasing stress from climate-related impacts such as invasive pests, flooding, heat and drought.  When the quality of green space diminishes, ecosystem services such as fresh water, storm protection and air quality are at risk.

“As Saskatoon continues to grow and our climate changes, we must look to strengthen the Green Network by improving the condition of our green spaces, partnering with the community, and nurturing relationships between people and nature,” says Jeanna South, Director of Sustainability. “This Strategy outlines how, by integrating Green Infrastructure into the system of urban fabric and creating a comprehensive green network, Saskatoon can better provide resilient municipal and ecosystem services and high quality environments to live, work, learn and play.”

Through research, engagement, and analysis of the findings, the Strategy proposes a series of 15 actions, each with associated tasks for implementation. The next step for Saskatoon is the development of a Green Infrastructure Program to carry out the actions presented in the Strategy, including:

  • Preparation of education material to promote understanding of the Green Network, including biodiversity and urban agriculture
  • Collaboration with Meewasin to coordinate with their programs
  • Review opportunities for community grants and incentives for green projects
  • Green space management planning and engagement

The Green Infrastructure Strategy supports the Strategic Goals of Asset & Financial Sustainability, Quality of Life, Environmental Leadership, and Sustainable Growth. 

For a complete list of the 15 Strategy actions, to read the Strategy, or learn more about Saskatoon’s Green Network, please visit: