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Victoria Avenue rebuild done: ready for Traffic Bridge reopen

For immediate release: September 20, 2018 - 2:00pm

The Victoria Avenue rehabilitation is substantially complete, making it ready for the opening of the new Traffic Bridge on October 3rd. Some small finishing touches are ongoing, but they should be wrapped up in the next couple of weeks.

“The improvements we’ve made are going to benefit people driving, walking, and biking as well as area residents,” says David LeBoutillier, Acting Engineering Manager with the City’s Transportation Division. “We’ve also improved the aesthetics to make the corridor a more pleasing place to travel and live.”

The reconstructed corridor provides an important link to the Traffic Bridge and the Downtown and will enable all types of traffic to travel this route safely and comfortably.

The improvements include:

  • Reconfigured street alignment to bring Victoria Avenue in line with the City’s current street guidelines.
  • Median restoration to address deterioration and increase street appeal.
  • Installation of new concrete sidewalks.
  • Installation of a raised, asphalt cycle track to create a separate, distinctive and safe space for people on bikes.
  • New signage and pavement markings to help clarify how traffic will move.

“We considered several different options for the new cycling infrastructure to address the neighbourhood’s concern about traffic speeds and volumes as well as pedestrian and cycling safety,” says LeBoutillier. “In the end, we went with a raised cycle track because it offered the best function while maintaining the neighbourhood’s character.”

A raised cycle track is a high quality, safe, permanent installation that provides a comfortable space for cyclists of all ages and abilities to cycle away from vehicle traffic.

Once the Traffic Bridge reopens, the City is expecting to see traffic volumes along Victoria Avenue much the same as prior to the bridge closure: approximately 7,000 vehicles per day. However, users of this route will note differences including the new infrastructure and more people walking and biking. The City is asking all road users to exercise extra care in this area while people adjust to the changed travel patterns.

Following are some tips on how to share the space:

  • People riding bikes can choose to ride on the raised cycle track or in the traffic lane. In both instances, they should travel in the same direction as traffic.
  • Cyclists have the right-of-way, but should slow down and use caution when approaching intersections.
  • Drivers are reminded to watch for cyclists using the cycle track, especially when approaching intersections or driveways.