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Waste and recycling tips for the holiday season

For immediate release: December 19, 2018 - 4:06pm

This holiday season the City of Saskatoon is encouraging residents to ‘Create Memories, Not Garbage’. Residents are reminded to keep waste reduction and recycling options in mind throughout their holiday celebrations. By remembering a few of these tips during the holidays, residents can help extend the life of the Landfill and help the community move towards 70% waste diversion by 2023. 

Consider recycling holiday items by selling or giving away excess products, using reusable gift bags or recyclable boxes, purchasing gifts with less packaging, sharing and giving experiences, and planning meals to reduce kitchen waste. When sorting your holiday garbage, remember a lot of seasonal items are recyclable.

Here are some recycling tips to help keep the holiday season green:

What you can recycle

  • Wrapping paper – Consider using recyclable paper or reusing old newspapers to wrap your gifts. Remember, if you can rip it, you can recycle it!  No need to remove staples or tape. If you can’t rip the paper, it goes in the garbage.
  • Tin foil, foil containers and metal cookie containers – Be sure to clean all types of these containers before recycling.
  • Flattened cardboard boxes and packaging – Before tossing into your blue cart or bin, remember to flatten these items to increase space for other recyclables.
  • Cleaned milk and eggnog containers – A quick rinse, flatten them and they’ll be ready to be recycled. You can take them to SARCAN or put them in your blue cart or bin at home.
  • Recyclable plastic containers – Have a look on the bottom of your plastic containers, if there’s a number between 1 and 7, rinse and recycle it.
  • Unwanted electronics – These items can be dropped off without charge at any SARCAN depot. Visit for information.

The following holiday items are not accepted in blue recycle bins: Styrofoam, ribbon and bows, plasticized gift bags, toys, Christmas trees (natural or artificial), Christmas lights, ornaments or decorations. Artificial trees can be sold or donated for re-use, or taken to the Landfill for disposal. Check for drop-off locations for natural Christmas trees.

How can you manage space in your bins?

  • Excess recycling can be dropped off at one of the City’s Recycling Depots (Lawson Heights, Lakewood, University Heights, or Meadowgreen), at the Loraas Recycle Recycling Depot or Cosmopolitan Industries Recycling Depot. To keep depot bins from filling up too quickly, please make sure boxes are flattened.
  • Consider storing clean, dry recyclables until your next scheduled collection.
  • Please make sure your cart lid is fully closed and your cart is out by 7am on collection day.

For more holiday waste, recyclables, collection calendar, waste wizard and disposal information, visit: